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 in response to Elaine of TSA...   The antibiotics were prescibed for bacteria.techracycline...on that line..
Thanks for you thoughts.
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Elaine of TSA
Were the antibiotics in the levaquin family?
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 in response to cd1216...   Go to a county hospital ER. They will give you the necessary refferals. After you get your ER bill, go to the patient financial office and apply for the reduced cost/free program. Most people who go to county hospitals have either medicaid or are uninsured.
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STNA want to get back to work.....
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I am looking for a doctor that will see me at no cost in the Lancaster,Ohio area.My husband and I have no healthcare.
This is how this chronic pain came about.
He got the flu and so did I back in January.We both went to the Urgent Care in Lancaster,and told her what was going on,his flu signs were a bit different than mine.My right hip went into a pain sooo bad that I could not even get out of bed,I had to crawl out of bed...and was crying.To make a long story short,we were both given antibiotics,and I was given muscle relaxers,and another pain killer...I still have them..reason is I do not like to take these,they only mask the pain.I think the antibiotics helped a little,but,I can not work in my a Stna until Iget out of this pain,its a trobbing pain,like a sore that does not want to heal.Maybe I have an infection that needs a different antibiotic,not sure...can any body help me to get back to work...I really miss the people,seniors,young,that I care for.Thanks,Candy ..Stna
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